All comments in the 2+2 program are read by a lector. You can change their voice anytime you want. Here are the records that you can use.

You will just need to download the zip file and unpack it in subdirectory vocals of the 2+2 program.

You can also record your voice. Please send it to us, we would put it on this site.

File Language Version Size [MB]
matematyka dla dzieciGosia_2.2_pl.zip matematyka dla dzieci 2.2 2.7
math for kidsKoniuszko_2.2_pl.zip math for kids 2.2 3.0
matematyka dla dzieciOla_2.2_eng.zip matematyka dla dzieci 2.2 3.0
math for kidsAga_2.2_it.zip math for kids 2.2 2.7
matematyka dla dzieciBeatrice_2.2_fr.zip matematyka dla dzieci 2.2 2.3
math for kidsMatthias_2.2_de.zip math for kids 2.2 2.8
matematyka dla dzieciMustafa_2.2_tr.zip matematyka dla dzieci 2.2 3.1
math for kidsAntek_2.2_sk.zip math for kids 2.2 2.6